2013: Five Interior Trends to Watch

Trend forecasters around he world are predicting a strong and imaginative direction in interior design in 2013.

With the market continually becoming less segmented and more global, trends are directed by social, economic and political changes that can prepare designers for today’s well-researched consumer and a rapidly changing market.

With uncertain times ahead, interior design trends are moving toward inspiring and capturing personality through the element of design. What follows is the top five trends we believe have staying power in 2013.

1. Colour

diamond emerald trend

Emerald (PANTONE 17-5641) was recently dubbed the 2013 Colour of the Year for its balancing and harmonious properties. It is said to be the colour of “growth, renewal and prosperity,” reinforcing the bright and clean colour palettes designed to attract customers back to the market.

There is also a revival of natural finishes and dyes linking colour to products that are both useful and promote comfort. The coming year will see a less structured approach to colour placement, with unusual colour combinations encouraged.

2. The Art of Interior

Bell City

Bell City – courtesy of canvas and canvas

The use of art in interior design and architecture continues to extend beyond wall art and is being applied to fabrics that produce creative soft furnishing and furniture product.

2013 will see an integration of historic and contemporary works – an approach that will keep the art trend flexible throughout the year.

Be it through colour, subject or pattern, art has an innate ability to define emotion and shape perception and is considered a core element in today’s interior design.

Commonly placed on furniture, there is a distinct relationship that artwork produces with the space in which it is placed. It can effortlessly bring personality to walls and furnishing products, while in commercial spaces it can communicate a business’ brand identity.

3. Wall Decoration

Vertical Gardening

Vertical Gardening

Walls will continue to receive a huge amount of attention and be viewed as a foundation for design and decoration in smaller urban spaces.

This will be achieved through wall art, the new wave of flooring materials placed on walls and ceilings along with vertical gardens bringing walls to life both inside and out.

Wallpaper and 3D wall tiles will expand in design offerings, giving people the opportunity to be more flexible with respect to depth, texture, colour and print compared to the limited options available when painting walls.

4. Natural Materials

Textura Belgian Sisal Rugs

Textura Belgian Sisal Rugs – courtesy of Eco Rugs

Design is more relaxed than ever and sustainability will remain a high priority but 2013 will bring about an increase in lighter textures and an appreciation for natural materials.

Organically sourced materials including stone, natural rug fibres and wood will be used in the construction and decoration of spaces, exuding warmth and a style that is timeless.

There will be an integration of old and new products that engage with a customer’s emotions, with the modern generation conscious of its carbon footprint and dedicated to products that respect their well-being and the environment.

5. Customised Prints

chair candy

Courtesy of Chair Candy

While fashion and furnishing continue to be connected, there will be a focus on the opportunity to customise fabric designs based on current trends.

More and more interior design clients are opting for their version of prints and patterns that are inspiring, visually beautiful and reflective of their space.

Florals, always a print staple, are being revived on white backdrops in both modern and exotic designs, while stripes have moved from runway to upholstery in bold hues bringing movement to spaces.

There will a focus on textured prints that are nice to touch and eco-inspired products including natural weaves and sustainable soft furnishing.

Patterns will be clean but sensible mix and match guidelines will be challenged as designers explore unusual print and colour combinations.

 By Angela Fedele
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