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Rooftop office France

The urban crunch has for some time now, been putting pressure on major cities and urban planners who design them. With more people living and working in metropolitan locations than ever before, it takes some innovative design feats in order for individuals to carve out a space for themselves.

This has brought about a spate of clever designs, which optimise space in even the smallest of areas. Gary Chang’s 24 rooms in 32sqm apartment is a prime example of this design philosophy. Built in the highly populated Hong Kong, Chang has developed an apartment that offers 24 transitional rooms/configurations through the use of movable walls. Each room can only be used after the other is folded away to make the most of his tiny 32sqm space.

Rooftop office from the terrace

While France is certainly not as densely populated as Hong Kong, prime real estate in the centre of Paris is almost impossible to find. Unless you are the innovative minds behind local design firm Bold Design. Who, instead of paying extremes for prime real estate to house their new office, looked to the sky in order to solve a growing and problematic situation.

What they have developed is a perfectly functioning office unit that fits almost perfectly into the city skyline.

Well, perfectly on top of it.

Inside the office-workstation

The designers have redeveloped what was originally an old machine room housing a motor lift on top of a Parisian building, into a functional and stylish working environment.

The key considerations that they faced throughout development were that of size and money. The tiny space, as large as a small square office, has had to be designed with oganisation and transformation as key design elements. However, these two innovative measures can often come with a hefty price tag, something the designers wanted to avoid.

rooftop office extra folding desk

Much like Chang, the team behind Bold Design have created a room that is multi-functional, with multi-purpose flip up furniture built into the walls and clever storage units. This includes raising the elevation of the office’s floor in order to create a concealed underground storage unit, in addition to taking all storage units off the floor and bolting them into the unit’s walls.

The small size does have its benefits through. In addition to pushing the designers to create a highly organised and chic space, natural light, which comes through the structure’s one window, completely fills the room creating a warm, atmospherically pleasing space.

rooftop office hidden seat under trap door

Everything is in reach, and the layout of the room means that the firm’s two founders’ desks are adjacent and connecting, encouraging communication and efficiency.

Downsizing is a part of this modern society. Things are more expensive and with the global population hitting seven billion, costs in addition to urban density, will continue to rise. Through innovation, people are making their cities work for them, without having to sacrifice style, space or design creativity.

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