A Novel Way to Catch Some Shut-Eye


SleepingBox. Image Courtesy Of Arch Group

The Sleepbox, a booth created to give people a place to sleep in busy urban environments could potentially revolutionise the way people travel and even the way they live.


First Prototype Installed In The Airport. Image Courtesy Of Arch Group

Russian architects Arch Group completed the design for the mobile Sleepbox in 2009, and a working model was installed in Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow in 2011 that proved alarmingly successful. Moscow has now built a hotel, called Sleepbox Hotel Tverskaya, made entirely out of the mobile boxes.


Image Courtesy Of Arch Group

The mobile sleeping units were put into an old building to allow the hotel to keep rates low. The modules can be installed anywhere that has a power supply. Sleepbox Hotel Tverskaya includes shower and toilet cabins on every floor.


Built-In Beds & Fixtures For Storage. Images Courtesy Of Arch Group

Providing a solution for travelers on a tight budget or without a hotel reservation, the Sleepbox is considered a hospitality niche which features the price range of hostels and the comfort level of hotels. The booths feature a simple design with basic amenities including a bed, alarm, baggage compartment, fold-out table, LED lights, wireless internet, touch-screen TV, automatic payment system and electrical sockets.


View From The Top Of The Unit. Image Courtesy Of Arch Group

The designers imagined their product being installed at airports, train stations, or any public domain. Travelers know how hard it can be to get some rest in a busy airport without having to check in to a modern hotel.

Sleepbox guests can purchase any amount of time from 15 minutes to several hours in the box from a shared terminal which provides an electronic key. As soon as someone exits, bed linen is automatically changed by rolling from one shaft to another.


Hallway With Rooms. Image © Sleepbox

The mobile box measures two metres by 1.4 metres by 2.3 metres. Despite being small, it has the potential to giving people a temporary place to stay to becoming a permanent residence. Its primary function is to encourage a comfortable sleep, but it could be fitted with additional amenities where necessary.


Row of Units in a designed atmosphere to match the aesthetic of the sleepbox. Image © Sleepbox

Along with typical travel domains such as train stations and airports, Sleepboxes may soon make their way into offices, giving workers a new lunch-time hobby. Exhausted workers or those working overtime may benefit from a 15-minute power nap. something that remains frowned upon in workplaces.

While its roll-out has been limited thus far, the Sleepbox could potentially make its mark across a variety of public spaces.

By Kristen Avis
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