Abu Dhabi International Airport Midfield Complex Receives Green Light

Abu Dhabi International Airport

Abu Dhabi’s popularity as ‘The Garden of the Gulf’ in the United Arab Emirates is growing to the point where it is often more widely recognised than the former favourite, Dubai.

Seen as the playground of the rich and famous, the interest in travelling to Abu Dhabi has meant that infrastructure upgrades have been necessary, especially considering the posh expectations of those who visit.

Abu Dhabi International Airport

To cater to these needs, plans have been in the works for some time now for the development of architectural firm KPF’s Abu Dhabi International Airport Midfield Complex.

With 50 million travelers using the building each year, the airport’s interior will be dramatically enlarged. To further cater to the needs of the facility’s large capacity, there will 18,000 square metres of retail space, 10,000 square metres of international restaurants and over 27,500 square metres of further hospitality space, including a cultural museum.

While those are impressive features, they do not even take into account the space required for the airport’s 49 airline gates.

As is the case with the growing majority of new developments in Abu Dhabi, sustainable design features will run hand in hand with luxury features. Sustainable and green features include high performance glass and intelligent shading to reduce interior heat loads, and dry landscaping to restrict excess water use. The inclusion of these and other ESD features is expected to allow the development to attain a 2 Pearl rating.

Not only are the strikingly ostentatious designs expected to offer the opportunity for the emirate to present itself in a luxurious light from the outset, the completed project will stand as a key infrastructure piece in Abu Dhabi’s overall 2030 master plan.

Abu Dhabi International Airport Interior

That completion date has finally been confirmed, with construction on the development now planned for later this year and expected to be complete by 2017. The news of the developmental green light is being warmly welcomed by Abu Dhabi as a whole, with both the industry and the national economy set to gain an economic boost from the five-year-long investment and the opportunities this will bring post-2017.

Abu Dhabi International Airport Interior

 By Tim Moore
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