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Quietspace Acoustic Autex Quietspace Acoustic Autex

The importance of acoustics has been debated over the years by all different child welfare and audiology authorities. It has only recently come to light that bad acoustics in rooms, especially learning facilities, are having incredibly detrimental effects on both children and adults.

Resolving this issue are industry companies, who have innovatively enabled the creation and application of high acoustic property materials and products that are having extraordinarily positive effects.

It has been proven that bad classroom acoustics are inhibiting the learning habits of students and putting excess stain on their teachers in learning environments, especially primary schools, when oral learning is at its most prominent. In a study from Columbia University, it was found that schools with bad acoustic classroom; that is classrooms with hard surfaces that sound bounces off which masks the noise, had students who did not understand instructions given to them.

Due to this factor, it has also interfered with their pronunciation of words and understanding of ordinary information.

This is a very real issue that became apparent at Holy Family primary school when the noise levels in the older styled year one classroom became a real issue for both teachers and students.

The large space with high ceilings and plaster walls was not conducive to the noisy activities being undertaken inside. Glanville architects were assigned to commence the much-needed renovations on the learning facility, and specified Ecophon ceiling tiles to tackle the noise issues.

Acoustic Echopanel Acoustic Echopanel

The high acoustic properties of the ceiling tiles meant that large spaces could be used more productively with staff and students both noticing the effects.

The primary school’s principle Sue Guilfoyle praised the acoustic enhancement, deeming it a necessary foundation for positive educational environments.

“The teachers have noticed the difference in the two learning spaces. The new ceiling tiles have enhanced the room design and have made it easier for teachers and students to collaborate on learning activities, while minimising disruptive noise,” she said.

The focus on acoustics is a growing trend that has not escaped savvy industry associates. Bach Commercial is yet another company who offer to enhance a facilities acoustics to deal with this noisy issue. Through pin boarding and panelling with materials that have strong acoustic properties, the company are tackling this very relevant issue.

Due to the extra industry stimulus created under the federal government’s Building Education Revolution (BER) scheme, company head David Bachsinar noted that materials, specifically the company offered Vertiface Composition as well as Echopanel, were highly requested materials for schools, as well as office building boardrooms.

Both pin board wall cover materials have highly advanced acoustic properties, with the sustainable Echopanel especially dominating school upgrades across Victoria.

This is a clear indication that the industry is reacting positively to the out of industry issues, emphasising the important that these members play on a societal level.

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