China’s Green Building Investment Extreme

Green Building China

China’s industry is one of extremes, in which extreme cities are currently being constructed in extreme time frames.

The country is home to the world’s largest population, some of the densest and fastest-growing cities and buildings. With such economical growth in China, and with so much industry investment boosting the country’s overall GDP, it has caused concern among those in the global industry for some time that China hasn’t shown a strong commitment toward green building and construction delivery.

That, however, appears to be changing.

In the larger-than-life style for which China is known, the country has dedicated itself to developing a green building sector that accounts for 30 per cent of all new construction projects by 2020.

A newly-released document from the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development outlines China’s future green building goals.

The document outlining the 30 per cent green building target marks the first time China has set a goal for green buildings.

Energy efficiency will act as a keystone for future developments, with the document suggesting policy incentive increases and an overall improvement of industry standards – something that China has been moving towards for some time now. Technological elements of this growing sector will also play a large part in the development of a strong green building sector in China.

Further goals include bringing energy consumption ratios in line with developed countries by the 2020 deadline and an overall reduction in natural resource use.

With construction playing such a large part in terms of the country’s economic success, and the carbon emissions China’s buildings have historically produced, the investment in green energy offers to be environmentally high impact but also economically sound in terms of future green investment opportunities.

The country’s future plans offer a holistic goal, where the construction and running of new green buildings will be included in the monitoring process, assuring the global industry that this is not an attempt at greenwashing the Chinese people.

As always with Chinese investment, due to the large population and investment power, green building and the associated carbon emission reduction are sure to have a truly marked effect once in full swing.

By Tim Moore
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