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Google Store California

In a technologically driven society that is currently embracing an age of information, cultural leaders are often found in those who drive the mediums upon which this is shared. These mediums include Internet search engines, social networking sites and information technology devices, their founding brands becoming global icons.

While this may not seem important to the construction and design industry, the societal influence that these brands have is incredible and with a finger on the pulse of everything trending, their industry developments are always an insight into the latest industry technologies, designs and styles.

There is perhaps no entity with a greater Internet presence than international, multi-billion dollar company Google. Not only is the company dominating the field of online search engines, clouding and online advertising, its ‘Googleplexes’, or office headquarters, are global industry icons. In each Google building, there is a certain style, a hedonistic, youthful indutrialised mix that makes the interiors truly stand out, and easily recognisable as a Google building.

First Google Store Mountain View

This past year has seen multiple additions to the Google family, with the completion of world-class offices in London and the first Google Store in Mountain View California.

Creating pioneering projects is something that Google quite used to by now, with architectural team Mithun, they have developed an incredible space. While it is not stereotypically ‘Google-esque’ (with its stereotypically super chic, glowing white interiors) there are certain identifiers in the retail space’s design that show a strong connection to the company, while offering a new design avenue.

Acting as the design’s centrepiece is the stores central ‘pod’. Essentially a lattice room, the exteriors of this feature are hung with vertical colourful wires, spreading out and stretching across the roof like tentacles. A fusion of design and IT, the space will be home to a video recording box for shoppers to sit down and record their thoughts and shopping experience.

Apart from the colourful merchandise in the primary Google colours, this feature offers the only colour break from the grey flooring, black roof and white walls, walling units and circular merchandise fixtures.

First Google Store California

The company are obviously fans of the architectural firm, as this was the second fitout that Mithun has handled for Google. The original 2010 fitout included the development 18,288 sqm of office space in Moutain View California. Taking only eight months to build, the space (which also features an industrialised element with a more finished, designer element) not only offers a promotion of flexibility, communication and technological advancement, but it has gained LEED Gold Certification.

An incredible addition to Mountain View, which will see even more changes with the latest proposal in Google’s hands, that will see a completely new redevelopment of a sustainable headquarters in Mountain View.

While Apple has traditionally received a huge amount of positive feedback regarding their design excellence and sustainability aptitude, Google cannot, and should not be dismissed. With an iconic style, and a promising industry future, it appears that this brand will be the ones to watch.

First Google Store Mithun Architects

Images Courtsey Mithun Architects
By: Emily D’Alterio
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