The Modern Office: Work, Play…Eat?

maxus enterance

The design of modern office spaces is miles away from the institutional, staid office buildings of yesteryear as companies move towards young and fresh buildings that offer a great place for employees to work.

Amicus Interiors and interior design firm the Bold Collective have taken this concept to the next level, combining to deliver a $500,000 fit out for Maxus Media Agency at 65 Berry Street in North Sydney.

While many modern work spaces provide opportunities for play, in this case the designers have appealed to a much more mature sense of leisure by designing an office layout the reflects and includes elements of a chic dining space.

“Maxus had a clear vision for the fitout and the idea was to steer away from the standard office layout and create a space that enabled both staff interaction and client collaboration,” says Amicus Interiors managing director Andrew Holder.

maxus booth

Maxus booth

Bold Collective design director Monika Branagan added that incorporating quirkiness while maintaining a sense of sophistication led to the unique incorporation of dining elements into the office layout.

“We wanted to design something that was unique, bold and most of all dynamic so we used quirky elements and ideas to create a look that reflected the Maxus brand,” she says.

These outside the box elements include meeting spaces in dining booms, wall graphics of celebrities and a communal working environment. A cafeteria-style breakout area features vintage trestle tables and an eclectic mix of modern and vintage elements ranging from a beer brewing station to 1950s-inspired leather furnishings.

Not only does this particular design focus allow for creative freedom and sense of office place enjoyment, but according to Holder, it is a key tool to gaining a competitive edge in a media sector that relies heavily on trends and current appeal.

maxus alpacino feature wall

Maxus Al Pacino feature wall

“Clients, particularly within the media sector, are increasingly pushing the boundaries of office fitouts,” Holder says. “There seems to be a real drive to create a workplace that sits outside the conventional norms.”

The workplace does not have to dull place any more than it has to be overly distracting. Context is everything, and by understanding the purpose and function of the space, the designers have found the exact outlet for this hedonistic element to compliment a sophisticated and professional working environment.

By Emily D’Alterio
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