Dubai Makes Green Building Mandatory

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The Gulf city-state of Dubai is striving to advance green building practices in its construction industry with the introduction of new laws which make the incorporation of sustainable measures in all buildings mandatory, along with the launch of a widespread education and training program.

New laws which come into effect next year will make green building rules and requirements applicable to all new construction projects in Dubai. At present, green building requirements are deemed optional for private buildings.

The laws will make the installation of a number of green products, such as solar water heaters, compulsory for all buildings in Dubai.

dubai burj al arab

Dubai Burj Al Arab

In anticipation of the broadened application of green building requirements, the Building Department of Dubai Municipality has launched an education and training program bearing the slogan “Be Educated on Green Buildings.”

Speaking to Gulf Today, Eng. Yusuf Abdullah, acting director of the Building Department, said the program encompassed a multiplicity of activities such as training courses, seminars and exhibitions, as well as publications and advertisements in various media. The activities are directed at all sectors of the construction industry, including consultants, contractors, suppliers, manufacturers and developers.

The Building Department has already commenced its green building exhibition and promotion activities in earnest. The “My Green Environment” seminar and exhibition held in January sought to promote sustainable building procedures for private houses amongst the general public and highlighted the environmental benefits that green practices can yield.

dubai burj al arab

Dubai Burj Al Arab

In February, Dubai further demonstrated its commitment to sustainable construction practices with the opening of the largest public sector building in the world to receive LEED Platinum status – the Dubai Energy and Water Authority’s (DEWA) Sustainable Building.

The DEWA Sustainable Building is the first public sector green building in the United Arab Emirates. The facility is capable of reducing energy and water consumption by 66 and 48 per cent respectively, and 36 per cent of the materials used in its construction were obtained from recycled sources.

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