Fast Food Chain Planned for The Moon

Domino Pizza on Moon

Japan is known for its kooky ventures. The mix of ancient and beautiful traditionalism with the absolute extreme commercialism and industrialisation that Asian countries are renowned for creates a culture clash that redefines standard sectors.

This out of the box mentality is extremely prominent in the country’s industry ventures. This innovation is communicated through the creation of the world’s first Cardboard cathedral, minuscule grided micro-homes and incredible resilience design, planning and construction.

Adding to the plethora of bizarre that often dominates the Japanese industry sector, the latest initiative coming out of the country is their plans to set up a Domino’s Pizza branch on the moon.

The world’s (universe’s?) first intergalactic pizzeria.

President ofJapan’s Domino’s, Scott K. Oelkers, presented the idea via video, which depicted him in a space suit describing the company’s unique plan. One upping Pizza Hut’s 2001 interspace pizza delivery, the company president explained that entire branch, inclusive of dining areas, kitchen and garden facilities.

Domino Pizza on Moon

In order to fulfil the necessary requirements for such a venture an exorbitant £13.4 billion would be needed. This would enable 15 rockets, containing 70 tonnes or materials (both for construction use and operational branch supplies) safe passage to its moon location.

The company brief has gone so far as to add an aspect of space sustainability, using moon mineral deposits as the basis of their concrete mixes. In doing this they predict they will be able to save approximately £1.5 billion.

Rendering presented of the pizzeria are very much in the style of Japanese comic book images, with the proposed shop key science fiction design traits such as a circular body and transparent dome shaped roof. In addition to the cooking, bistro and garden facilities, residential space has also been added for the branch’s employees who would be unable to leave the facility.

While critics, who have been vast in their numbers, have noted that the conception is but a publicity day dream, Mr. Oelkers was adamant that the moon Domino’s was a legitimate company goal. An obviously long awaited, future goal.

Domino Pizza on Moon Domino Pizza on Moon

The construction process is still as yet to have commencement dates. Although an undoubtedly innovative initiative, the burning question still stands: who will be there clientele?

Domino’s spokesperson Tomohide Matsunaga explained to the Daily Telegraph that upon the completion of the pizza restaurant astronauts and other citizens living on the moon would make up the branch’s customers.

Facing so much scepticism time can only tell if Mr. Oelkers gets his inter-space dream.

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