IDEA Awards: Sue Carr

idea awardsDuring the recent IDEA Awards held at the Ivy in Sydney, a new award was introduced which aims to acknowledge an Australian designers career who has displayed a significant contribution to the design community. This is the first award of its kind and this year has been afforded to the founder of the Carr Design Group, Sue Carr.

The Carr Design Group was previously called Inarc Design and has been involved in some of Australia’s most prominent architectural feats such as the Westn Hotel interiors Melbourne, Deacons Law Tenancy, the Australian Stock Exchange and the Hilton Hotel interiors in Adelaide.

Sue Carr has stated that the success behind the Carr Design Group stems from the companies “capacity to push conventional boundaries” and the “combined energy, focus and commitment of the Carr team.” Furthering her approach Carr went onto point out that though her work “is very subtle, when you put all of those subtleties together, the whole can be very strong”.

Last week Sue discussed her design career in a forum called the Gold Medal Talk at the Designer Rugs showroom in Edgecliff, New South Wales.

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