Japan’s Largest Solar Plant – Is Solar the New Nuclear?

mega solar plant japan

Solar Energy provider Kyocera has announced Japan’s largest ever solar farm.

Together with the IHI Corporation and the Mizuho Corporate bank, Kyocera plans to deliver a 70 megawatt ‘mega-solar plant’ in Kagoshima City, Southern Japan. The development is a direct response to the power supply issues that have dogged Japan since the 2011 Earthquake. The aftermath of the quake brought to light the dangers of the nuclear power that Japan had been relying on when the temperature of a reactor became unstable at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant.

While maintaining their dedication to reduced carbon energy production, the three major companies came together to look into other energy solutions.

What they plan to bring into development this July is a 1,270,000 square metre solar power plant – roughly the size of 27 baseball stadiums according to Kyocera – that will come at a cost of almost $US309 million.

Some 290,000 Kyocera multicrystalline solar modules will make up the majority of the plan, which, according to the company, will be able to generate enough energy to power 22,000 average households annually, aiding to offset 25,000 of carbon emissions yearly.

mega solar plant Kagoshima City japan

The aforementioned energy company will also be responsible for the construction, running and maintenance of the development.

The companies share a new vision of a Japan that is reliant upon solar rather than nuclear energy, and plan to replace the country’s reliance of the latter on further renewable options.

In a statement from the combined team, they say their aim is as much about revitalisation as it is about bringing the use of solar energy into common practice.

“With the cooperation of the Kagoshima prefectural and municipal governments and others in the local area, the companies seek to both revitalise the local area, and through the spread of renewable energy use, to contribute to the preservation of the environment and the advancement of society,” say the solar farm developers.

The Japanese industry is one that is known for its cleverness and foresight. If those in the industry see an issue that needs to be addressed, it is done swiftly. In promoting the use of solar energy on such a large scale, they are essentially safeguarding the energy future of the country.

By Tim Moore
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