How Melbourne Plans to Manage Population Growth

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Predictions of Melbourne’s massive population growth are beginning to cause strong reactions in the architecture and construction sectors of the Victorian industry, with Planning Minister Matthew Guy making a series of announcements reassuring Victorians that industry and parliamentary forces are banding together to cater to this growth.

 ”Successfully managing growth will ensure we provide great housing and jobs for our new population,” says the Minister. “Melbourne is a great place to live and will continue to retain its status as one of the world’s great liveable cities.”

Major initiatives the government plans to implement include Growth Corridor Plans and the urban development of six new suburbs.

The Growth Corridor plans will develop the foundations of modern community development in Victoria – community development that is sustainable and efficient with an overall avoidance of unnecessary urban sprawl.

“The Growth Corridor Plans are the most sophisticated plans to have been completed for a number of years,” says Guy. “They will guide the strategic management of Victoria’s four Melbourne metropolitan growth corridors over the coming decades and will provide for housing, jobs, transport, town centres, open space and key infrastructure across our newest metropolitan suburbs.”

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The six new suburbs will be delivered as a part of the Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs) and will cover new community development at Diggers Rest, Lockerbie, Lockerbie North, Manor Lakes, Merrifield West and Rockbank North.

Not only will the development of these new communities take pressure off the already expensive and dwelling-short residential sector, but they are expected to stimulate economic growth and generate ongoing industry jobs.

“These new communities, developing 37,000 lots of land over the next 30 years, will become home for more than 100,000 people,” says Guy. “Each will provide attractive and affordable housing with access to sophisticated town centres, quality services and thousands of local jobs.”

Victorian planners have admitted action has to be taken now to avoid complications and the overall structural meltdown that occurs in excessively dense cities. The Planning Minister says the new developments will herald a time of growth both physically and economically in Victoria, adding that he is confident the government and industry will deliver on plans that will maintain the strong Melbourne lifestyle and aesthetic for years to come.

“We have to keep pace with the growth projected for Melbourne,” says Guy. “This growth will have significant economic flow-on effects for Victoria and this high level planning will ensure we provide attractive and affordable housing, infrastructure and services for a growing population, so that Melbourne continues to be a great place to live.”

By Tim Moore
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