Mining Tax Passed Through Lower House

Minning Tax Approved

A monumental event in Australia’s fight against climate change has passed with zero fan fair, as the federal government’s mining tax has been passed through the House of Representatives.

AAP reports that the vote was cast 73 to 71 in support of the third reading of the Minerals Resource Rent Tax  (MRRT) Bill 2011.

There is, however, a growing mystery regarding dealing between the Australian Greens Party and the Labour Party in order to pass the MRRT. While members of both the Greens and the Labour party have claimed the dealings were standard with Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown referring to the process as “an honourable agreement”, the opposition and further cabinet members have stressed the movement is an inversion of autonomy in the government.

“How on earth can you call that being the democratic process in operation?” Senior Liberal Eric Abetz says of the process.

While the accusations may be debatable, Brown has apologised for the secrecy, stating that while privacy was necessary in the present, the dealings would be made public in the coming week.

This has caused many to believe that changes have been created to the existing bill, companies such as the Association of Mining and Exploration Company had been hoping that the MRRT would not affect their sector.

House of Representatives minning tax

“Apart from its unfairness, its extraordinarily complicated” says CEO Simon Bennison to the ABC.

He may be in for a nasty surprise though as cabinet member Anthony Albanese assures that the mining industry, even small and medium businesses will feel the pinch of the MRRT.

“The big picture is that we have a mining tax miners will have a mining tax” he says.

Cabinet member Anthony Albanese didn’t give out details on his comment through either.

As it stands, the government are staying tight lipped on the dealings, but may have to be prepared for an uproar once these are revealed.

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