Mobile Technology Keeps Construction to Code

NCC Standards interactive house

In the Australian construction industry, we pride ourselves on our building standards. We construct safe, world-class buildings and have an incredibly lucrative industry.

 That doesn’t mean, however, that it’s easy.

Safety and precision come at a cost and, with standards changing and codes difficult to decipher and sometimes even unknown, a building site can turn into a maze of restrictions and liabilities.

Mobile technology is, however, filling the gap and helping construction workers to meet our high building codes with ease. Today, there is a website, an app, or a program for just about anything – from finding a restaurant to finding a partner. The construction industry has been wading into mobile technology in order to run sites more efficiently for some time and now a new tool aims to offer even more efficiency to residential sites.

The NCC Standards Interactive house is set to make its mark on the Australian industry, acting as a ‘visual standard reference’ for residential sites. The mobile tool references the Australian National Construction Code (NCC) and can inform contractors in real terms what codes need to be upheld in both building and plumbing sectors.

NCC Standards interactive house tool

Different standards are colour coded and explain which code is necessary in each section of the build.

“This is a breakthrough initiative for SAI Global (the manufacturers) from which the building and construction industry can truly benefit,” says SIA executive general manager of information services (Asia Pacific) Martijn Laguna. “The NCC Standards interactive house provides relevant information that can help users to keep abreast of their Standards-based compliance obligations, and allows them to determine how the Standards might impact the way that they conduct their business.”

This raises questions as to what could be next for mobile technologies on work sites. Out with the blueprint and in with the iPad? With this latest tool able to be referenced quickly on a PC or mobile phone, guesswork is being taken out this industry once and for all, leading in a new wave of mobile tools to increase productivity while maintaining a high building standard.

By Tim Moore
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