New Zealand Earthquake Recovery Home Repairs Top $1 Billion

New Zealand Earthquake Recovery Home Repair

Investment in home repairs following the 2011 earthquakes in the New Zealand city of Christchurch has now reached more than $NZ1 billion, Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee says.

The Earthquake Commission’s Fletcher EQR-managed Canterbury Home Repair Programme has now completed work on almost 31,000 homes which were affected by the disasters.

In the latest update, Brownlee says the past few months had seen an increase in activity, with $72 million of works completed in December compared with billing values fluctuating within the range of $55 million and $65 million per month between July and November.

“Every major work programme takes a period of months to ramp up to full capacity, with sourcing of contractors, training, securing of supply chains and in this case the logistics of evaluating the damage to so many homes,” Brownlee says. “In recent months we’ve seen big increases in the volume and value of repair work.”

Brownlee says that with 30,748 full scope repairs completed, the program was more than a third of the way through the task of repairing homes damaged by the quakes, and that forecasting by Fletcher EQR indicates the scheme will be running at full capacity over the next 18 months.

New Zealand Earthquake Recovery Home Repairs

“In addition more than 47,000 emergency repairs have been completed and 18,000 heating units have been installed,” he says. “A large number of repairs to date have been for less than $50,000 damage, and with the scheme at full capacity we’ll now see a concerted attack on the over $50,000 work.”

So far, EQC has paid out over $4 billion for all claims associated with the earthquake. This includes $3.8 billion for building exposures, $380 million for contents and $25.9 million for land exposures.

The magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck the Canterbury region with devastating consequences on February 22 last year, killing 185 people and destroying many buildings had already been weakened after a previous earthquake.

At the time of the quake, media reports put the total cost of the rebuild amounted to $15 billion, including $9 billion for residential buildings, $3 billion for commercial buildings and $3 billion for infrastructure.

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