SA Property Industry Joins Forces

new property coalition

The property and construction industry in South Australia has formed a new coalition to raise awareness about the sector’s importance to people’s lives and the South Australian economy.

Speaking on behalf of the new Property on Track Coalition, Property Council of Australia (SA Division) executive director Nathan Paine says the property industry is a ‘quiet achiever’ whose importance in people’s lives is sometimes taken for granted.

“People interact with the industry every day of their lives but rarely think of how completely their lives intertwine with the built environment,” Paine says. “They wake up in a house built by the property industry. On the way to work they pass other homes and businesses planned, designed, certified, plumbed and built by the industry.”

He pointed out that even the roads on which people travel – and other vital infrastructure pieces – are part of a larger planning system that also falls under the umbrella of the property industry.

“[People] get into their Green Star-rated offices with the help of sliding doors, lift and escalators, all designed, built and installed by the property industry. Their offices are kept comfortable by precision air conditioning and engineering provided by the industry. Lighting, bathrooms, office cubicles and fitouts – it’s all part of the property industry,” Paine says. “You get the picture – the property industry is huge.”


property industry coalition

Along with the Property Council, the new coalition includes the Real Estate Institute of South Australia, the Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors’ Association of South Australia, the Planning Institute of Australia, the Plumbing Industry Association of South Australia, the Australian Institute of Architects, the Urban Development Council of Australia, the Green Building Council of Australia, Consult Australia and Engineers Australia.

Paine says the objective of the campaign revolves around raising both government and community awareness about the importance of the property industry and policies which support good planning and productive development.

He says the property industry employs one in 10 people throughout South Australia and contributes more than 43 per cent of the state’s revenue collection.

The new coalition was announced outside a unique vehicle which is being used to spread the message: a tram which has been given a facelift to make it resemble a building complete with workers.

Paine says the tram serves as a testament to the importance of the built environment and symbolises the role of the property sector in keeping the state moving and ‘on track’ to a brighter future.

By Andrew Heaton
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