Shoe Store Fitout Steps up to the Retail Challenge

Edwards Moore Melissa Shoes

The challenges of the modern retail world are having a run-on effect on the interior design sector as online competitors and a struggling economy mean that physical retailers are battling every day to keep doors open.

The battle is far from over, however. Retailers are getting smarter in this country, and armed with the skills of our strong interior design industry, retail fitouts are becoming increasingly attractive, with designers thinking out of the box to lure the massive away from their computers and the comfort of shopping online.

Edwards Moore Melissa Shoes

Opening up shop in dazzling fashion is Brazilian shoe company Melissa, with its flagship store opening in Melbourne’s QV centre. The key to a successful built retail space is branding, with the space serving as a physical manifestation of the brand. Melissa’s store fitout achieves this through a number of interior design elements, as well as by offering an experience for the senses.

Designed by Edwards Moore, the shop’s most defining feature is its white PTFE plastic spheres. The spheres are placed throughout the space, giving it a dreamlike atmosphere, almost as if shoppers are floating in clouds. In reality, the nearly 300 spheres have a multi-functional purpose. They serve as statement-making sculptures designed to attract shoppers into the store and are also used as unique display platforms.

Edwards Moore Melissa Shoes

The store’s glowing white and bright pink colour palette adds to the overall whimsy, which is reflected in the uniqueness of the shoe brand’s products. LED lighting emphasises this dreamy atmosphere with its inclusion of vivid colour washes across displays.

Going beyond the standard norms of retail design and offering a space that is relaxing, tactile and brand responsive, Melissa stands out in the busy shopping hub, which has helped its doors remain open. With retailers increasingly understanding that a base standard space is not enough to compete under these conditions, the interior design sector has a unique opportunity to get creative and see positive results.

By Jane Parkins
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