Smart Floors: Interacting With LED Floors

changeable LED gym floor boundary lines

In an age of multi-use spaces, LED glass panels are making the move to floors to create illuminating and active environments.

Earlier this year a German company announced a world first – a new type of glass flooring that uses LED marking lines on the ground of a sports court. The design was inspired by squash courts, where all-glass courts have been used since 2006.

The company, ASB Systembau GMBH developed the technology, which illuminates boundary lines across a multitude of activities including tennis, basketball, badminton and others. The lines can be switched on and off within seconds using a touch screen and are completely invisible unless illuminated.

Those who have played at the German school have been impressed as it has removed the need to have multiple game lines which can be confusing and distracting during play.

changeable LED gym floor boundary lines

ASB Glassfloor – Basketball Court in use. Image Source: Designboom

Called the ASB Glassfloor, the floor is made of 160 durable single glass panels which are coated with a ceramic screen print. This treatment makes the floor shock absorbent and skid resistant while limiting scratching and etching from use.

The treatment is altered to reach a level of elasticity and friction similar to a typical wooden floor while “bounce tests” were also conducted at the time to make sure a basketball bounces at the same height as a wooden floor according to the developer.

The glass panels easily lift up to reveal 850-metre long channels for white and coloured LED lights that form the marking lines and the flooring is supported by a lightweight aluminium frame.

When combined with sensor technologies, this innovation could also support how sports are played and judged. For instance, the flooring could capture the spot where a tennis ball lands using an LED light and sensor built into the ball rather than waiting for replays. Coaches could also hone game strategy based on where players stepped during sports play.

changeable LED gym floor boundary lines

ASB Glassfloor – Installation. Image Source: Designboom

In the future, flooring could have rear projection implemented within the sporting environment to display videos while also displaying logos, advertising banners or team mascots throughout the game.

This type of flooring is an innovative step up from the LED dance floor technology used in nightclubs and bars for some time.

The new technology is being pitched for its sustainable and visual credibility to corporate spaces, hotels, large sport stadiums and shopping centres seeking to implement multi-use floor functions.

The technology is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and with sensory implementation making it touch and sound sensitive, could give off incredible visual effects.

By Angela Fedele
Top Image Source: Designboom
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