A Stylish Safe Haven

Protecting yourself from incumbent global disasters has just gotten a little more stylish.

With the world going through phase after phase of possible apocalyptic media hype, US company Vivos have attempted to put minds at ease with their creation of their “life assuring” bunker range.

This stylish solution to a global calamity cater to a size of 1000 square feet for a single unit, and cost from between $10,000 to $50,000 to insure your place in the underground safe haven.

Originally seen as a melodramatic idea, the sales of a place in the bunker have increased 1000% in one single day after recent natural disasters in Japan.

Whether seen as fear mongering or life insuring, theres no arguing the style in which the team at Vivos have presented a traditionally institutional concept.

Vivos apocalypse bunkers Vivos apocalypse bunkers Vivos apocalypse bunkersVivos apocalypse bunkers

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