The Future of Perth Waterfront

Perth Waterfront projectThe next twenty years will see a complete remodel of the city of Perth.

The Western Australian government has committed itself to creating an enviably modern precinct that incorporates the best in both sustainability and livability.

Plans as well as a fly-through of the $440 million project have been released to the public in order to get feedback to develop a site that is for its societal members.

While there are numerous plans for construction that stretch over the twenty years, the first and foremost will be a focus on re-connecting Perth to the waterfront. This will involve developing the public jetting, the inlet and the Island, as well as various further initial plans that are waterfront orientated.

After initial projects are  completed, the focus will shift onto the larger scale initiatives like the $1 billion Perth Stadium.

With preliminary construction under way later this year, the major works are set to begin in early 2012.

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