The Innovative Heated Tullhus Bridge

Tullhus Bridge Sweden

Tullhus Bridge

Swedish architecture firm Erik Andersson has designed a heated pedestrian bridge to ease the way for walkers and cyclists.

The Tullhus Bridge was designed with an innovative built-in heating system which works to melt snow and ice on the pedestrian walkway. Bridges tend to ice up quicker than roads due to their surfaces being higher up and more exposed to the elements.

Tullhus Bridge Sweden

The bridge spans motala strom

The bridge is nestled between the north quay in Stockholm’s city centre and the residential area of Strömsholmen.

Insulation was used throughout the €2 million bridge’s design to direct heat to the walkways. In addition to the heating features, LED lights have been integrated into the handrails, lighting the walkway up at night.

Tullhus Bridge Sweden

Railing Detail

The 70-metre Tullhus bridge walkway is made of steel and the bridge itself includes vibration dampers which counteract vertical movements, keeping it stable.

The steel bridge, the first heated bridge in Sweden, is hourglass-shaped, tapering in the centre. The paint used on its underside reflects the water of the river Motala Strom.

Tullhus Bridge Sweden

Walkway of bridge

The bridge was made of prefabricated pieces, which were sandblasted, welded and transported to the site.

Tullhus Bridge Sweden

Illuminated walkway

The Tullhus Bridge previously earned recognition in 2008 as part of an urban planning project that has been in the works since the 1950s. The bridge-heating project was brought forward in 2008 after the architects were invited by the local government to take part in an architectural competition.

Tullhus Bridge Sweden

Steps up to bridge

Connecting an industrial dock area and a natural shoreline in the midst of the capital city and a nestled in recently developed residential area, the bridge will continue to play an important role in the residents’ lives, allowing pedestrians and cyclists to travel safely across.

Tullhus Bridge Sweden

Snow-Free Bridge in winter

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