Underground Skyscraper, is that possible?

World First Earth Scraper Mexico

Mexico City is going through an architectural revolution of sorts, one that is offering to uplift and modernise the city. What is has achieved on top of that is the conceptualisation of a one of a kind building that throws the very concept of a skyscraper, on its head.

Architectural team BKNR Arquitectura of Mexico have inverted all the standard architectural rules for skyscrapers, in fact they have inverted the idea of a skyscraper in its entirety. What they hope to uplift the city’s centre is not in fact an overwhelming skyscraper, but a 65 storey earth-scraper. This is a concept that does not even have an associated vocabulary. It is the concept of a world class building that doesn’t deal in height, but depth, a completely revolutionary idea.

Inverted Skyscraper

Height regulations were the catalyst for the design team’s plan to work downwards. Due to the built up historic nature of the city centre, a prominent building would not be able to be constructed with city planning only allowing buildings of up to eight storeys. Creative thinking would have to be a necessity. In light of this, the team has designed down, creating an inverted construction that tapers to a triangular point 300 metres below ground level.

The plans show that the overall site space will come to 775,000sqm. This will include ten storeys each set aside for a cultural museum, residential space and retail areas. The majority of the space will be left for office space, with 35 storeys allocated.

What is incredible about this ongoing project idea is that the gaping hole that covers the introverted building space will be covered by highly durable and thick glass that would allow the square to continue moving as it always has, with an entire community living and breathing underneath.

Earth Scraper Interior

The most prominent questions architects would be asking are in regards to light and ventilation with a big ‘how’ attached to the end. While the designers ensure the open, inverted triangular shape will allow for natural sunlight and air to infiltrate, even offering a promotion of subterranean flora, the technicalities behind this are yet to be clarified.

If they are really clever they may even be able to work the earth’s thermal energy into the logistics, but much like the concept, that is simply an out of the box idea. The concept itself has opened up a range of possibilities, and instead of communicating as a false hope concept, offers an exciting look into future architectural possibilities.

Earth Scraper Inside Bridge

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