Vertical Farming Takes Off In Dubai

vertical farm at UK zoo

Eyes on green building efforts have been firmly focused on the Middle East as industries across the region increasingly present their newly-minted sustainability goals.

A series of major conferences, urban planning models and green developments in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar has the world seeing the transition of a part of the world known almost solely for its industry efforts surrounding mining and oil onto incredibly environmentally responsible design and construction practices.

In what stands as the latest in a long list of green building trends, it would appear that Dubai, a social hub for the UEA’s elite, is being overrun with green as the emirate sees a major influx of interior design models featuring green walls and vertical farms.

According to Sriram Ramaswamy, director of Hybrid Vertifarms, one of the leading in-home vertical farm providers in Dubai, the process of indoor farming is perfectly suited to the emirate given the climatic conditions and currently economic shift.

“Lack of fertile land, rising fuel prices and imports of food are factors that go against traditional forms of cultivation here,” says Ramaswamy. “That’s why we want to popularise vertical farms.”

vertical farming

Ramaswamy explains that the extensive flora choices and general water and energy efficiencies of the features continue to drive their newfound popularity in Dubai homes.

“You can grow anything you like on these living walls,” he says. “The technique is ecologically safe, preserves water and energy and ensures higher yields with a 30-50 per cent faster growth rate.”

The aptly-named New Green World, of which Hybrid Vertifarms is a subsidiary, is currently facing great demand, particularly given the UAE climate and the living circumstances of many. The popularity of apartment living in Dubai means these kinds of vertical gardens reach a large audience, offering not only food production in an area where fresh produce is costly but also the chance to bring sustainable living elements into the home living space. Vertical farming is finding its feet commercially around the world.

With Singapore’s world-first commercial vertical farm currently in operation and providing huge benefits, it is little wonder that the rest of the world is welcoming the green building sector with open arms.

By Jane Parkins
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